Quick industrial architecture study.

Hi all,

After some feedback and a bit of reworking, we've remade our video content to represent INDUSTRIA's true essence. - Enjoy!

It's been an exciting year so far for us at Bleakmill. In January we started development on INDUSTRIA and have been eager ever since to show people what we've been working on...or at least talk about it.

Today we can do both as this marks the end of our silent-development and the start of inviting you guys to come see our work. We want to know that there's an audience for our products; and so we implore you to ask as many questions as you can! Give us your personal feedback; your opinion on features; your disapproval of design choices - Any thoughts at all that you might have!

At Bleakmill we want to make a memorable experience for ourselves and our players. So join the discussion and add your views!